Turning on the engines of maritime sustainability



Green Navis was born out of an urgent need to bring green solutions to the maritime sector

In the face of marine pollution, climate change, fluctuating fuel costs, and compromised marine ecosystems.The company is a fresh, young and dynamic shipping solutions provider that rose as an independent entity out of one of the oldest shipping companies in Greece, George Moundreas & Co. S.A. the latter is related to the Moundreas shipping dynasty that had appeared on the Greek shipping scene over 100 years ago.

“We saw the urgent need to form a separate company that specifically addresses today’s sustainability challenges in the shipping sector”

Pavlos Moundreas, Green Navi's CEO

With the agility of a smaller team of experts and consultants, Green Navis was quickly able to acquire the rights to some of the most sophisticated green technologies on the market that can help make vessels much more sustainable. “Shipping is not traditionally an environmentally friendly sector, but we’re already working to change this” says Moundreas. Today, with an already impressive client base, Green Navis is more than living up to its promise of making vessels more fuel efficient and friendlier to the environment.